Hall of Famer Phil Niekro was a credit to life in general and baseball in particular

Hall of Famer Phil Niekro won 318 games over his 24-year career with the Braves, Yankees, Indians, and Blue Jays. He was a five-time All-Star who had three 20-win seasons with Atlanta. …

Five Tips for Building a Business, a Reliability Program or a Sailing Team

There is a saying in sailboat racing that getting to the starting line is harder than getting to the finish line. I know it to be true. Like building a business or a subset of it is fun if you enjoy it, doing the actual competitive sailing — even when…

Frederick Winslow Taylor, of course!

Fred Taylor was about to get a good butt-kicking. It was his first real job and the opinionated young engineer just didn’t like the way the plant was being operated. Following an economic recession, he had taken a job as an apprentice, then clerk, a machinist, and then had advanced…

William Marston, of course!

William Mouton Marston would have been an interesting Medium writer had he lived a century later. His interests were diverse, he was wildly creative, and he even wrote under a pen name (Charles Mouton). Although three of his creations are still in use today, Marston is mostly forgotten.

Personality Profiles

Marston wrote…

Focus on these key tips to avoid failure

It was painful. Two dozen well-paid, influential leaders in our company listening to a second boring PowerPoint presentation about things that had happened months ago. …

JD Solomon

Author of “Getting Your Boss’s Boss to Understand”. Finding inspiration in unique people and solving unique problems.

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