Avoid overlooking it with one simple checklist

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I was falling asleep in one most boring project management workshops I have ever attended. The topic had turned to forecasting budgets and schedules when the instructor suddenly asked, “How many of you have ever taken a proofreading class?” No hands in the air. The next question was more rhetorical…

Frederick Winslow Taylor, of course!

Frederick Taylor understood the physics of balls as well as he did Scientific Management (Source: lithub.com)

Fred Taylor was about to get a good butt-kicking. It was his first real job and the opinionated young engineer just didn’t like the way the plant was being operated. Following an economic recession, he had taken a job as an apprentice, then clerk, a machinist, and then had advanced…

Jefferson’s Parlor, View Looking West (Source: Monticello)

The power and subtleties of role of women in religion, politics, and war

Thomas Jefferson was a man full of nuances, contradictions, and conundrums. Jefferson was also a revolutionary. In his, symbolism and code were essential communication tools for sorting through allies and guaranteeing your own survival.

The parlor in Jefferson’s home, Monticello, was the place where his family, friends, and guests would…

Death Counts and Misinformation provide the foundation for reflection

COVID deaths have been cyclic; however, average deaths by age group have remained similar

Politics is how one group of civilized people exercise influence over other civilized people. Resolving issues in a polite and well-mannered way (one definition of civilized) is preferred to barbarism and war. …

Thinking in bets and using the base case are two keys to success

The chance of rain is one example of betting on the base case (Source: Pexels)

A summer hurricane is bearing down. Mild panic ensues. Events are canceled. Some businesses begin boarding up. Parents race to get their children from school.

I see the town’s public works director, Barry, at the local hardware…

JD Solomon

Author of “Getting Your Boss’s Boss to Understand”. Founder of http://www.jdsolomoninc.com. Finding inspiration in unique people and solving unique problems.

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