The Top 5 Web Sites for Predicting Hurricanes in 2023

Extreme weather events impact us both personally and professionally.

JD Solomon
2 min readSep 7, 2023
The National Hurricane Center provides the best extreme weather data but Levi Cowan still does the best tropical storm analysis.

Understanding your risks relative to an uncertain future usually involves some type of model. When it comes to uncertainty, forecasts, and developing an understanding of my risks, I have found these publicly available sites as the most helpful to me during hurricane season:

#1 because NOAA is the best source of data and the updates are the most timely interpretations of the most current data.

#2 because Levi Cowan is simply the best at his trade.


Mike’s Weather Page… powered by Firman Power Equipment! ( was left off my Top 5 list in 2020 because Mike used a lot of insights from Levi Cowan. I have changed my tune and find Mike’s page the third most helpful over the course of 2021 and 2022.

#4 because just about every piece of data and every model, including all of the spaghetti models, are quickly accessible here.

#5 because it was the best source of locally connected weather information during the early 2000s when I was racing sailboats for leisure and helping clients respond to storms as part of the business. I think it is still the best commercial product, even though I am still in denial that the Weather Channel now owns it.

Outside the Top 5

Falling off the Top 5 is my home state’s flood impact site. The site is even better now, but many US states, including state departments of transportation (DOTs), are now catching up. Find your local sites if you are traveling in the aftermath of a major weather event.

#6 because all risk is personal and local flood inundation impacts me in many ways.

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