What I Learned from Social Media in 2023

5 big lessons learned that will improve your social media presence.

JD Solomon
4 min readJan 4, 2024
5 lessons learned that will improve your social media presence.
What things did you learn from social media in 2023?

There are five big things I learned in 2023 from social media. Well, I would at least like to think I re-learned them. What things did you learn in 2023?

Two Organizations, Two Approaches

JD Solomon Inc. is the parent organization for the for-profit consulting firm, JD Solomon Solutions. We spun off the not-for-profit Communicating with FINESSE in February 2022 in order for both organizations to concentrate of their core focuses.

JD Solomon Solutions

JD Solomon Solutions provides solutions for program development, asset management, and facilitation at the nexus of facilities, infrastructure, and the environment. Our small, niche consulting firm serves clients primarily in the eastern and central United States.

A couple dozen clients provide adequate work for our company. Our approach is to take care of these core clients through service and valued performance. As such, our social media presence consists of a well-done website and regular activity on LinkedIn, Facebook, X. We also have a page on Pinterest and do some articles on Medium.

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Communicating with FINESSE

CWF is a global community of technical professionals dedicated to being highly effective communicators and facilitators. We offer publications, webinars, and workshops through our network. CWF regularly provides guest posts from our community, content posts on communication and facilitation, and a free webinar each month. CWF is active on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, X, Pinterest, and YouTube. Regular updates are provided to website subscribers and a niche set of followers on Substack.

Five Things I Learned (Re-Learned) in 2023

There are many little lessons I have learned. These are the Top 5 big ones.

1. Every Platform Has Its Own Preferences

No greater contrast can be seen than through using Pinterest successfully.

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2. No One Wants You to Leave Their Platform

The business stand-by LinkedIn is a great example of this. You are punished for external links for articles, live events, and webinars. The benefits and promotion are great if you stay on the LinkedIn platform.

3. Some Topics Are Saturated

Risk management on LinkedIn is a great example of over-saturated. On the other hand, asset management on LinkedIn is well-balanced. I think everything is a bit oversaturated on X, or maybe X is still finding its final direction.

4. Re-Purposing is Effective

The best examples are the content we create for Medium and Substack that we breath in fresh air on Pinterest. We also take some of those good content articles and re-brand them for reliability engineers on a platform called Accendo Reliability. Which reminds me that re-purposing just titles and thumbnails really do go a long way to success.

5. Social is Social (People)

I am constantly reminded that social media is, well, social. Which means it's about people. AI has reminded most of the social media platforms of this too. Everyone loves a real-world story about people.

Neither Good nor Bad

Reflecting on 2023 is something that I do each year with each organization. Overall, we are happy with the measured and deliberate strategy of JD Solomon Solutions. After all, the services are focused and niche. The social media strategy is conservative.

Communicating with FINESSE is global. That means expectations are naturally higher with respect to reach, growth, and effectiveness. However, one part-time staff member and a community of volunteers (including me) can only do so much. We understand the handful of things that are working well and the couple of key things like videos and our storefront that need to improve.

Looking to 2024

Reflecting on 2023 has sharpened our journey for 2024. There are five big things I learned (and re-learned) that we will continue to backstop our efforts. The little things I learned in 2023 are too numerous to name here. Did you have a similar experience?